Autograph from an Extra-Ordinary Earthling

I don’t know.  But there is something about this thespian that seem elusive and mysterious.  He just gets acting projects and act out on it.  He’s not “showbiz” and there is nothing fancy about him at all yet he usually receives the loudest cheer, roar and approbation whenever he makes a public appearance.

He does not possess the Fernando Poe Jr. archetype nor carry the stalwart stance of Rogelio Dela Rosa.  He does not have the clever wit of Dolphy nor possess the magical phenomenon of Piolo Pascual.  He is mellow and subdued.  He is effortlessly simple.  He is actually average, too average to the point of being extra-ordinary.  Maybe he is just a typical earthling with enigmatic bearing in the bewitching and exalting world of show business which makes him stand out.

That is why when I learned that he is to dine in one of the restaurants that I worked for, I abused my power by ordering the restaurant manager to get me this actor’s autograph.  As cynical and jaded as I am, I even threaten the restaurant manager that he will be subjected to medieval forms of torture if he failed to get me one!  I got the autograph which I intend to preserve because I believe it would be precious after a couple of decades.

Walang kokontra! Ako’y isang tanga-hanga.

One thought on “Autograph from an Extra-Ordinary Earthling

  • i saw this quote online & thought of u, as it might be an apt description 4your coco (matamis na bao) martin:
    “if california gurls r undeniable, filipino boys r irresistable.”


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