The Devil Inside the Church

A friend’s friend told me a shocking story of a person who will soon be convicted of qualified theft in a grandiose scale and will soon spend the remaining years of his life in prison.  My friend’s friend told me that this mortal being is known in public as a Taong Simbahan (a church person).  Contrary to his true and authentic lawbreaking character and with his scheming lies and evil manipulations, he was able to project himself as a good-natured child of God.

He never misses to go to church and attend the Holy Mass everyday prior to going to his workplace.  He is a self-proclaimed devotee of The Lady of Manaoag and never misses the yearly grueling street procession of a beautiful and richly robed image of the Virgin Mary called ‘Nuestra Senora de La Naval’.  On Ash Wednesdays, he is one of the first mortals who display ash-laden foreheads making all people who cross his path early in the morning feel guilty of not having one yet.  If attendance is to be checked and awarded on the presence of the population who attended the Filipino Simbang Gabi (midnight mass) tradition during Christmas Season, he would receive the Perfect Attendance recognition on a yearly basis. He knows every mysterious mysteries of the Holy Rosary.  What was even so absurd to know was that he was an Hermano Mayor (a major sponsor) in a fiesta celebration for the feast of a certain Catholic saint in his hometown province.

With all these irrational representation of this person being relayed to me by my friend’s friend, I was left outraged.  I could not believe that such a bipolar and lunatic account could exist.  I was left shocked and speechless.   And all I could say was a borrowed line from a similarly lunatic TV series uttered by Vera Cruz of Vera Couture from the telenovela Magkaribal — “I thought the devil wasn’t allowed in church.”  Well, he may be allowed in church but soon this is going to be the church behind prison bars.

Kung din man yan makulong, may kanta si Boy George para sa kanya… Ol togeder naw! “karma-karma-karma-kamiliyon…”

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