Remembering BangBang

BangBang and I were born in the same year and grew up in the bucolic city of Pasay.  BangBang is a second-cousin whom I consider to be a super playmate.  The most vivid memory I have with her is cooking “yema” (a Pinoy custard cream) in their kitchen (with the assistance of Ate Oye) whom we enjoyed eating one happy afternoon.   

She may not be my closest cousin but I don’t remember any particular incident of having a disagreement with BangBang.  Possessing the right amiable attitude I was actually never surprised to know that she became a fine young woman, a loving wife and an awesome caring mother.

I was sad to know that one of my super playmates passed away and taken the journey we all must take.  But one thing is for sure a mortal being here in this earth will always remember BangBang.  That’s me.  Though I’m sad I will not cry for she left because I know she didn’t left but instead arrived.  She arrived in eternal love now wearing shiny wings and gleaming halos…

from the Facebook Wallpost of Ate Oye

A big rownd op aplos para sa ‘yo pinsan…

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