Sleazy Mazinger Z

Mazingerz_1 Whatever happened to Mazinger Z?  Mazinger Z is an anime robot that is a contemporary of Voltes V and Daimos.  All these animated android TV programs were shown in the ‘70s.   If my memory serves me right, in the mid-90s the other two that I mentioned were re-released on Philippine TV but not Mazinger Z!

Maybe it’s because Mazinger Z is not as strong as that of the other two.  All I can remember that Mazinger Z can do was to use the laser beams emanating from its eyes plus the rocket punch attack.  It is unlike Voltes V with various ammunitions and Daimos having the superb martial arts skills that can no doubt eradicate the forces of evil into smithereens.

Sayaka I can still recall that because of the limited power of Mazinger Z (he can’t even fly in the initial episodes), he had a number of robot allies.  One of which was Aphrodite A.  This robot had female features and is being run and operated by a girl named Sayaka.  The only ammunition of Aphrodite A is her breast that can be launched as missiles.

A couple of hilarious episodes need Mazinger Z to fly to exterminate a mechanical beast on midair.  For him to go up the air, Aphrodite A needs to release her missile breast and Mazinger Z needs to run after these breasts (I mean missiles) and hold on to it until he’s brought up the air.

Isn’t that silly? Or maybe sleazy!  No matter what, I miss Mazinger Z.

One thought on “Sleazy Mazinger Z

  • Who is the first cartoon robot sa TV?
    It GIGANTOR, pronounced “gyanjantor” This robot can even go underwater but due to the limited imagination that time, also has very limited power. Bilugin ang katawan, has funny face and payat na arms that can stretch. It can only give punches. It has a cool team song though, di ko na lang matandaan…


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