Teri Asim & Her Flavorful Text Messages

Terry_2 A lot of Pinoy celebrities confess that they would receive regular text messages from the Pinoy Diamond Star Maricel Soriano.  They would explain that these messages would serve as small but meaningful reminders and would sometimes help them cope with life’s trials.

I can say that I feel the same because I also receive text messages on a regular basis.  It’s not from Maricel Soriano but from a good friend Terry “Asim” Asombrado.  I’ve known Terry for more than 8 years now.  I guess I have always been right on calling her “Terry Asim”.  Not because she smells sour but because she has sent me dashes of flavors on life’s wisdoms through her text messages.

Here’s a dozen of what she sent…

  1. Life holds no promises to what will come our way.  It makes no guarantees over what we get.  It just gives us time to make choices and take chances.
  2. It is wiser not to expect but hope; for in expecting, we meet disappointments.  Whereas in hoping, we invite surprises… and miracles.
  3. Cry for a while but not for a long time… You take goodbyes but keep moving on… Ganyan lang ang buhay sometime huhuhu… but have a countless reasons to hahaha…
  4. Let’s begin the day with a short prayer: “Lord walk with me today.  I have no idea what lies ahead.  Be my guide and strength in all that I do.  For Your Glory.  Amen.”
  5. In life there are three things that can never be retrieved… Spoken words, time passed and neglected opportunities.  So don’t miss them.  Enjoy life!
  6. Quiz given to 200 applicants for a single job… Situation: You are driving along a stormy night.  You passed by a bus stop where you see three people waiting. (1) an elderly woman who’s about to die (2) an old friends who once saved your life (3) the perfect mate you’ve been dreaming about.  Who would your choose knowing there could only be one passenger in your car?  The answer of the one who was hired was: “I would give my car key to my friends and let him take the elderly woman to the hospital.  Then, I would stay behind and wait for the bus with the person of my dreams”.
  7. Six pieces of advice from Iman Ghazali: (1) Closest to us is not family, but death (2) Furtherest from us is not the moon or stars, but time passed (3) Biggest is not the mountain or sun, but your lust/desire (4) Heaviest weight is not the elephant or iron, but responsibility (5) Lightest is neither wind nor feathers, but not praying or delaying it (6) Sharpest is neither knife nr sword, but your tongue.  Think about these words of wisdom…
  8. Most of the things we desire are expensive.  But the truth is the things that really satisfy us are free… laughter, family, true friends and most of all “God’s Love!”
  9. Lately, I learned that friendship is the best relationship.  We may g separate ways, live different lives, believe in different aspects.  Bus as long as we believe we’re friends, we will forever be…
  10. To love is a duty.  To be loved is a gift. To love someone who loves you is an achievement.  To be loved by someone who you love is… Life!
  11. A heart breaking story… The ex-girlfriend confronts the ex-boyfriend.  Ex-girlfriend: “How dare you play our song in your wedding ceremony… How dare you pick my favorite color as your motif… How dare you choose our anniversary date as your wedding date… How dare you look at me before you kiss your wife…” The ex-girlfriend breaks down and cried.  Ex-boyfriend: “Because that’s the last and only way I could pretend that you are my wife”.
  12. "A blessed day" deserves a joyful smile and thanksgiving to the Creator who makes wonderful things happen to wonderful people like you…

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