Glorified Tsinelas

Tsinelas For more than a year now, everywhere you look, chic Pinoys are wearing the funky looking rubber thong sandals.  This fad has definitely hit the fashion world.  Hollywood celebrities are wearing Havaianas making it so cool to own one.  Other fashion designers would spunk up these sandals by putting beads, buttons and even rhinestones on the thong portion.  But before this silly craze, every rich and poor Flipino has some point in their life have owned and worn a pair of these sandals.

During my childhood days, cool people call it slippers.  Now, trendy dudes and dudettes call it flip-flops.  For me it remains to be called ‘tsinelas‘.  What is so ironic about this craze is if you are to wear tsinelas a couple of years back in malls, in church or go to school people will think that you are broke and can’t afford to buy shoes or sneakers.

Unlike me, I’m sure fashionable conyotics won’t use their expensive glorified tsinelas to whack occasional ipis that crosses their path.

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