I survived Milenyo and spent the night with Vienna Teng

Milenyo June 2007 will be the busiest month for all kumadronas, midwifes, manghihilots, and any hospital delivery room.  This is nine months after the devastating Milenyo typhoon that hit Metro Manila.  Milenyo (international codename: Xangsane) caused a total blackout in Luzon.  Malls, cinemas and restaurants are closed.  There’s not enough lighting to read.  There’s no TV, cable, internet and even phone lines.  It’s basically stupid to go out of the house so people do not have anything to do but to… procreate!

Milenyo2 Milenyo was a big hit!  I personally witnessed its ferocity by watching how it devastated Manila from the third floor of my office causing young and old trees to topple, billboards to collapse, metal roofing sheets to fly, shanties to crumble and streets to flood.  Metro Manila after 3 hours of Milenyo’s wrath looked like a war zone and a big obstacle course.

Viennateng Later that night without electricity in my house, good thing I have with me my old yet reliable battery operated CD player.  With one candle as my only source of light and while fanning my sweaty delicious body the whole night with a cardboard, I listened to the old CD of Vienna Teng.  Her gentle piano ballads and pristine vocals kept me sane the whole night after an extremely mad day caused by the destructive typhoon.

Bad news to those who loathe me but I survived Milenyo… Mwahahahaha!!!

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