Terrific Argo, Cheesy Actor, Brilliant Director

ben-affleck-argoWhen I learned that Ben Affleck the cheesy actor who once dated the cheesy singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and starred in two of the cheesiest movies of all time Gigli and Jersey Girl won the prestigious plum for Best Director award in almost all prestigious award giving bodies in America, I was shocked, stunned and stupefied.  I thought there must truly be something wrong in America nowadays!  I thought that America’s inhabitants must have gone foolishly cheesy.

My impertinent brain percolated that Ben Affleck being a film director is in no way count in the hierarchy of importance and skill from the pool of film geniuses who were also nominated this year.  Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee, Quentin Tarantino and Kathryn Bigelow definitely are of much greater creatures in the universe of film making.

argoBut when I saw the directorial job of Affleck in the movie Argo, I was more than shocked, stunned and stupefied.  There was nothing cheesy in it!

The action, the tension and the pacing were brilliantly built-up my fingernails hurt because of the nail-biting climax.  It was so wildly riveting and grippingly entertaining my butt aches because it held me at the edge of my seat.  The movie was absolutely brilliant!    Now I can say that Affleck remains to be a cheesy actor yet has turned out to be an exceptional director.

Mahusay pala ‘tong si Direk Aplek. 

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