Karen & Denton: Engaged!

Karen & Denton's "Mini Me"

Joesel Javier, my Pinoy-Aussie friend who exclusively flew from Sydney to Manila to attend our dear friends Karen & Denton’s Engagement Party was a little ill passed up the task to say few words during the program.  Karen then passed on the mission to me which I deemed as an honored privilege.  Here’s the full text of what I said last night…  

Royal Palm Hotel was the site where the beautiful bond between Karen & Denton started.  Karen as the Account Executive and Denton as one of the trainee-participants in one of the functions held in the hotel.  That was is the mid-90’s.

I remember Karen telling me when she finally answered yes to Denton.  A task was given to Denton before she finally said YES.  That is, she asked Denton, the quiet and reserved type, to sing few lines of a song over their phone conversation.  Eh in-love ang mokong, ayun! Kumanta ang Denton!

In the previous decade, their relationship no doubt flourished.  I can proudly say that I have been a good witness in the dynamics of these royalties’ relationship.  I said royalties because I personally tagged them as the crowned prince and princess of Armidale.

I am one of their usual companions when they would spend their holidays out of town or out of the country.  I have been with them in Macau, Hongkong, Singapore, twice in Sydney, in Melbourne, in Bohol, in Boracay and just a week ago in Bellarocca in Marinduque.  I’ve seen them dance, I’ve seen them kissed,  I’ve seen them laugh, I’ve seen them fight and recently in our Marinduque adventure I’ve seen them sang a song together!

When I would brag and present my travel photos to my mom, she once commented that I always travel with Karen & Denton.  She even asked if I was the “dakilang alalay” of these two.  I just answered her, “No Nanay, they are my alalays  na-in love lang sa isa’t isa”.

Anyway, to you Karen & Denton, a successful relationship is tested and requires falling in love many times always with the same person. A successful relationship is like a dance of two people, moving gracefully and intimately.  And I have been your “delicious” witness.

The dance of life with a Facebook status of “In A Relationship”, the boyfriend and girlfriend take turns in leading the dance.  My wish for you Karen & Denton is that you never stop dancing ‘till beyond.  Cheers to the both of them!!!

Mwah! Mwah! Tsup! Tsup!

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