Bellarocca: A Pacemaker for the Heart of the Philippines

If you are to equate the shape of the Philippines to a human body and try to locate where the heart is, you will no doubt identify the island of Marinduque as its heart.  Interestingly enough, the shape of Marinduque is similar to the shape of a human heart.  Google your Philippine geography to see what I mean!

Ironic yet parallel to the experiences of a Filipino, the country’s heart is considered one of the most abused and devastated, not by nature, not by its own citizens but by foreigners.  Marinduque a decade ago was in the world’s headlines because of a massive mining disaster (remember the Canadian-owned Marcopper mining toxic leaks?) that inflicted the health, livelihood and environment of the locals.

I don’t know if clean-up, rehabilitation and restorations has been finalized, but while still recovering from the long term impact of the disaster, located at the apex of the heart is a glimmering hope for this tranquil and laid-back island.  It is like a pacemaker has been installed to an ailing heart to keep the blood from pumping.  At the southernmost part of the island, you can find a small islet called Elephant Island where tourism boost is on-going.

Elephant Island in Buenavista, Marinduque is the very site where one of the most sought after resorts in the country today is located – Bellarocca Island Resort & Spa.

my travel buddies - karen & denton (the crowned prince and princess of armidale)

I enjoyed the relaxing stay in this world-class resort.  Combining excellent service and breathtaking scenery, Bellarocca is the perfect place for some rest and recreation…

Hindi lang saging ang may puso… Pinas din!

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