Devirginized Terminal Phalanges

Nervousness, agitation and neurasthenia were the general feelings, never in my life that I have experienced it.  I always do it to myself and I have never let anybody do it to me until this morning.  The question I initially uttered is if it would hurt.  I asked because the living soul who would do it to me never uttered a word prior to doing it.  I asked because usually like doctors injecting a vial of medicine into my corporal chassis, they would tell me that it would ache a little similar to an ant’s bite.

Nengkoy’s Executive Housekeeper Alma was the one who took the object of my toenail’s innocence and purity.  She was the first person ever to do me a pedicure devirginizing the tough dorsal part of my terminal phalanges. Yes, in my 40 years of existence never in my life that I had a pedicure done by another soul.  My elder brothers (Kuya Bogis and Kuya Wreigh), my niece Thatcher and Nengkoy were around for moral support while Alma does my toenails.

It took Alma the strength, perseverance and iron-like guts to finish cleaning off my toenails.  It was so unkempt she was able to amass boulders of grime, excess keratin and sprouting ragged cuticles.  Nengkoy actually wanted to collect it and place it in a pot and plant a tree on it!

After my spectacular pedicure, I actually felt lighter.  I think I lost three pounds in the process.  Now, my toenails are so gorgeous, I want to bite it!

Sabi ni Nengkoy ang taytel daw dapat ng blag-powst na ito ay LUYA.

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