Made on Valentine’s Day

According to US study the average length of pregnancy for primigravidae is 288 days and for multigravidae is 283 days.  Also, based on a robust study undertaken in Sweden, based on over 400,000 births, the average length of pregnancy is 283 days.

However, in mid-19th century according to Naegele’s Rule the gestational length of a woman’s pregnancy would only be 280.  However, with the more modern time and the advent of Utrasound Scanners, it was found out that the more accurate gestational length is by adding 3 days to the Naegele’s formula, thus a sum of 283 days.

I’m not a medical doctor nor a midwife but utilizing my knowledge on the most primitive mathematical technique called ‘counting’, I found out that the days from February 14 until my birthday (November 24) is equal to 283 days.  This only goes to show that the mitotic chromosomal genes of Nengkoy and Joe once again united for me to be conceived on the most romantic day on earth known as Valentine’s Day.

Ikaw kelan ka ginawa?

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