Chinatown in China?

Last night I was bamboozled.  I was so distressed that I have to air out my confusion.  To help me alleviate my upheaval, I decided to do a little survey by sending text messages about my uncertainty.  This was the text message I sent that has kept me mystified all night…

“Question:  All countries seem to have a Chinatown, meron bang Chinatown sa China?”

And these are the crazy,outregeous and wicked answers I received from those who cared to ease the agonizing and stinging torture in my brain:

Ate Gaying:  Wala ka nanamang magawa ano?
Marvin Morauda:  Meron ito ay matatagpuan sa capital ng China.
Jerry Avena:  Wahaha! Correct! Kumusta na sir!
Jong Villas:  Sino ‘to?
Fernan Paulo:  Of course meron lahat nga ng country di ba kaya nga Chinatown
Myk Dalida:  Meron, according to my Chinese staff (si Joan).
Nancy Delos Reyes:  I think meron!
Popsie Arcilla:  Meron sa kanila pa nga ang the largest restaurant in the world eh.
Kuki Catindig:  Meron po yata. hehehe…
Mimi Quibedo:  Wala.  Henyo ka talaga.  Magmana sana anak ko sa ‘yo.
Karen Batangan:  Pagpunta mo sa China, pa check kung may Chinatown.

These are the top three answers:

Karen Agustin:  The whole country is Chinatown!
Karen Teotico:  Perhaps its just plain “town” to them.  Just like Chinese food in Macau (its just plain “food”)
Grace Villadolid:  Meron… It’s called Ongpin.

‘Yan ang mga kaibigan ko… mga may sayad!

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