Front Passenger Seat

Common seanse dictates that boyfriend with car is better than a boyfriend without one.  A car obviously allows mobility and freedom.  When shopping, the girl would not have to worry on how she will transport all the goodies she splurged on to her house.  At times she can make use of her boyfriend as an alalay (assistant) who would carry some of the goods.  She need not insist to make use of those gym biceps for a good purpose aside from just showing them of.

The girl need not worry about the traffic for she would even have longer hours bonding with her boyfriend inside the car.  She could enjoy a lunch in the breezy wind of Antipolo or have a lovely dinner in Alabang without worries on how to go home even if she lives in the northern most part of the metro.

Aside from no longer enduring with the terrible taxi drivers, she can arrive in a party looking fresh and beautiful.  She can go at any place without engulfing the polluted air of the city for she is spared to take a kamikaze jeepney ride.  She could gulp all the alcohol she would want and get crazy during a party for she got somebody who would bring her home even in the bluest hour of dawn.  At the same time maintain for her boyfriend to be sober during the party for he still needs to drive her home.

She could save a lot in transportation expense for she possesses not the whole car but the front passenger seat.  Moreover, in the eyes of dimwit people, a car-owning-boyfriend is always more goodlooing compared to non-owners no matter how freakazoid the guy looks like.

Still furthermore, the girl can sometimes find a reason why she cannot work longer hours in her job or study longer in the library since her “sundo” is already waiting for her outside the office or school building.

With all these benefits and advantages, girls sometimes are mesmerized and gone twisted of the actual feelings they have towards the boyfriend and towards themselves.  They tend to go on with the relationship for they would not want these benefit to disappear.

During arguments, they rather not risk showing their fury and sometimes wonder if the fighting is worth the trouble of commuting going to the next dream destination.  Sooner or later they tend to depend on the boyfriend so much they let major issues to go.  It’s like swallowing their pride for convenience sake.  They no longer know if they are actually in love with the boy or in love with the hatid-sundo set-up they enjoy.

Bakit ba nangingialam ako? Syet.

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