Corregidor Island

Corregidor One of the surprisingly and amazingly organized places in the Philippines, Corregidor Island boasts of its majestic beauty and historic sifnificance.  The small island that I recently visited was way beyond my expectations.  Everything was orderly and well planned that could be comparable to Singapore’s Sentosa Island without the thrilling rides but contains the rubbles and ruins left by World War II.  Even the tour guides were impressive, sharing and relaying short anecdotes significant about the island (from the people who’s been there down to the trees and animals that thrive around).  I was glad that I got to set foot to this historic island.  It was simply amazing.

The sight that truly impressed me was the stalwart Malinta tunnel.  I thought it was just a single crawlway penetrating underground from one side of the mountain up to the other end.  But what is remarkable are the multiple intricate lateral tunnels branching from the main one that served as a hide-away hospital and bomb shelters during the WWII era.  The historic lateral tunnels are eerie, ragged and humid.  It’s like being in another universe.  From the outside terrain of the mountain, you would not imagine that such creepy structures exist inside it.

One thing that made my heart sank was the presence of trash along the seashore washed away from the filthy and polluted Manila Bay.  A grim reminder that the island is truly located in the Philippines.  The island could have been a perfect foreign tourist destination if not for those eyesore garbage.

Bilib ako.  Promise!

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