Rosas Pandan (X-Rated Version)

Some would name it as “Rosas Pandan Bastos Version” others would call it the “Tigidong” song.  There is no official title of the song.  No one knows who sang it neither who wrote it, no one dared to step up and admit to be the writer and/or singer.  It is basically an underground hit that will never be played in the mainstream airwaves.

Possessing a weird sense of humor, I laughed hard upon hearing it.  I can’t help myself from hearing the tune since it keeps on resonating persistently in my head.  Its funny, its cunning, it neoteric, its pornographic, its crazy, its vulgar.

I commend who ever wrote the salacious lyrics.  He or she must be a genius.  No ordinary guy or gal can think of utilizing an ancient melody of a Visayan folk song and libidinous words put together to give birth to a naughty yet shrewd musical arrangement.

I would not dare to post the complete lyrics neither post the actual song in this blog since I don’t want to be restrained and banned in the use of this web.  Here’s the lyrics that has been censored…

Ang beep-beep ko na kulay rosas, namumukadkad pag hinimas-himas.

At ang namumulang talulot, dinadaluhong ng mga bubuyog. 

Kapag ako’s na beep-beep, tumutihaya kahit sa lansangan.

At ang bawat makakita’y kaagad akong pinapatungan

Beep-Beep, Beep-Beep, Beep-Beep

Ang beep-beep kong makipot, namumula’t sariwa, namamasa ang hiwa

Tigidong, tigidong, tigidong

Nag beep-beep na si Dodong, mula ng makita ang butas ko at kweba. 

Ganyan ang dalaga, lalo na’t merong beep-beep.

Hoy! Pu-beep-beep mo nag-re-record ako e! (laughter)

Grabe, ibang level ito! Bastuuuuuuuuus!

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