Traumatic Bike Ride

Bike I’m twisted.  There are things a regular person knows that I don’t.  Riding a bicycle is one of those.  Yes… it’s true… di ako marunong mag-bisikleta.  My older brothers when I was still a kid own a bike but I never had the interest of learning how to drive it.  I was always at the backseat and never the driver.

I remember a nasty and an embarrassing moment when I was in college.  Me and my college classmates went to CCP grounds to hangout.  Everyone rented a bike except me.  Here comes one of my best friends in college Marie Dela Victoria (now in the US living a full life) who volunteered on teaching me how.  While riding it with Marie running and patiently holding the back of the seat making sure that I be steady and wont fall, here comes a school bus full of wicked little kids in grade school with their little heads out of the bus’ window.  While nervously struggling with the pedals and trying to balance the damn bike we suddenly heard these kids shouting at us… "Ang laki-laki mo na ‘di ka pa marunong mag bike!!!"

Nowadays, I always brush aside the stationary bike at the gym.

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