Vamos Rafa Nadal!

Federer_1 I know why Roger Federer lost this year’s Roland Garros.  It is because the live TV program keeps on focusing on his girlfriend’s pretty but not so dazzling face.

Roger keeps on hitting the ball low that would usually hit the net causing him this year’s French Open championship.  It’s obvious from the face of Roger’s girlfriend that she belongs to the weighty side of the scale.  Instead of just sitting and watching his boyfriend lose, she should have laid down on the middle the net to keep it lower for his boyfriend’s ball to reach the other side of the court.

Another reason why he lost the match and the elusive championship is because he gets stunned with the loud scary grunts of Rafa Nadal causing him to slip and trip on the slippery clay.

Rafael_nadal_3  I hate seeing my preferred and world’s number 1 Federer lose but let me give credit to the younger and sexier Rafa.  The whole game showed how impressively aggressive Nadal was.  It made me upset, Federer annoyed and Federer’s girlfriend disturbed.

One thing I noticed, every time the Spaniard serves he would touch his behind and adjust his jockstrap.  He must have worn a smaller size.  Even then, Rafael Nadal has proven again that he is actually the King of the Clay Court, winning 3 championships of the French Open in 3 consecutive years.

Losing sucks!

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