Transtorm Only few movies could not make me stand up and leave my seat inside a movie house for a while to take a leak.  A Michael Bay film entitled Transformers is one of them.

It’s about alien robots that turns into cars!  Transformers is fast, often silly, hilarious and loud with lots of spectacular mass destructions.  The visual effects were pretty astonishing.  The transformation sequences from cars to robots or robots to cars are smoothly done.  I could hear myself uttering “wow”!  Fight scenes are like suave hypnotic kung fu moves.

Transfrom2 Transformers was never an integral part of my youth unlike Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Superman, Mekanda Robot and Daimos but I totally enjoyed watching the awesome movie.  I was not a huge fan of the cartoons edition during my teenage days that is why there are times I am confused on who are the Autobots and who are the Decepticons.  But the movie simply provided a sign – the colored ones are the good Autobots while the plain light grayish brown are the evil Decepticons.

You don’t need to bring your brain when you go and watch this film.  It offers nothing but fun, fun, fun!

I just wonder if Optimus Prime is being run by an environment friendly alternative fuel like coco diesel…

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