The Spectacular Teotihuacan

One of the beautiful highlights of my recent trip to Mexico was my visit at the magnificent ruins of Teotihuacan.  It is about an hour bus ride from the modern-day Mexico City.  And because there are massive information available online on how to get to these ruins by commute, I decided to do the adventure by following the instructions indicated on various blogs and web write-ups.  I could have simply joined a tour group but as usual, I challenged myself. 

courageously doing a commute at the bus station armed with a lot of things

I learned from my first few days that majority of Mexicans do not really speak English.  Thus, before I left for this ancient city, I armed myself with adequate internet data, the proficient Google Maps and reminded myself the simple steps to communicate, i.e. (i) speak English slowly; (ii) drop the articles as they only cause confusion; (iii) repeat the main concept two or three time; (iv) gesticulate; and, (v) smile a lot.

Teotihuacan was really overwhelming!  And based on various write-ups, no one knows who built this humongous ancient city.  It was so old that it was already in ruins before the ancient Aztecs were able to discover this old puzzling metropolis.  In 1987 this ancient city was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.  And since it is so close to the modern-day Mexico City, Teotihuacan has been the most visited archeological site in Mexico. 

on my way to the pyramids via calle de los muertos

pyramid of the sun

strike a pose! it’s one of the largest pyramids!

unbelievable! I had to pinch myself!

cleverly called… the avenue of the dead


i need to have a selfie! on top of the pyramid of the moon!

photo taken from the pyramid of the moon

i love this shot!

What for me is so cool about Teotihuacan is how spots in this ancient city were named and labelled.  Mexicans’ naming of the interesting places of Teotihuacan gave it more appeal and character.  Whoever tagged or named the places inside Teotihuacan are so smart and imaginative.

And since the term “Teotihuacan” meant as “the birth place of the gods” or “the place where men turns into gods”, it is but fitting that this ancient city has the Pyramid of the Sun (the third largest pyramid in the world) and the more gracious-looking Pyramid of the Moon.  There was even a location that is sensationally called the “Temple of the Feathered Serpent”! 

feeling happy & feeling blessed! pyramid of the moon at the background…

will definitely not forget this adventure

The coolest actually was how the main road leading to the pyramids was called.  The central 2.4-kilometer main road is called Calle de los Muertos or “the Avenue of the Dead”.  So when I was walking on this runway, it felt dramatic! I felt like I was being transformed by some creative spirit from being a human being to some sort of a god!  It was really amazing! 

Teotihuacan, built hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, will remain a mystery.  Little is known about its first inhabitants and why this magnificent place was later abandoned.  Whatever is the mystery behind the ruins of Teotihuacan, it remain to be something so pleasing and imaginative.  Its mystery definitely adds up to its awesome charm. 

Ispektakular! Ang galing!

Handwritten Notes In My Treasure Box

I don’t know but there must be something in my hypothalamus that bursts with uplifting joy every time I would receive a handwritten heartwarming note or letter from a friend or a relative.  The value of handwritten poignant thoughts directly conveyed to my inner being cheers me up in high spirits.

Maybe this is the reason why I have the compulsion to keep, store and squirrel away these letters and notes no matter how short the messages are and regardless of what sort of paper these are written on.

To hint on some examples, herewith are a few of the letters/notes that I have been keeping in my treasure box in which some heedless souls may already consider as trash…

chosen notes from my treasure box

few of the notes from my treasure box

this kid will be turning 12 early next year

this kid is turning 12 early next year

Of course two of my personal favorites…

thatcher, my niece's christmas letter last year.  i can hardly remember what she gave me but this letter will forever be remembered

my niece thatcher’s christmas letter last year. i can hardly recall what she gave me but this letter will forever be kept and remembered

luis' note when he was just starting to learn how to write (left was the front page, to the right is the meat of his "very precise" message)

my nephew luis’ letter written on a tiny sheet of paper when he was just starting to learn how to write.  (left was the front page, to the right is the content of his “very precise” message).  luis is entering college next year…

Or maybe I got this penchant attribute from my mother.  I can clearly recall when I was still a skinny kid when Nengkoy would make a décor-less scrapbook of all the Christmas Holiday and Birthday greeting cards she would receive through the years. These colorful greetings card she received were usually from my father who was then working in the Middle East, from my dear relatives based in USA and Canada (the Romasanta-s and the Pineda-s) as well as from her close friends working in various parts of the world.

Kapag ako sumikat, pwedeng ipang-myusiyum ang mga ‘yan.