Earth Hour Conyo

On March 27, I’m gonna make sali and support the Earth Hour.  It’s my third beses na to participate.  I’m gonna patay my ilaw and make tigil my aircon and TV.  During the one ora from 8:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M., I’m just gonna tayo at my veranda and check on the dark paligid of the metropolis.  Since it’s gonna be so init, I will just paypay na lang to prevent my delicious body from any pawis and enjoy the dark view as if like parang merong something out there.

I’m so asar to those who will not join.  They’re so like nakakainis!  I wanna make kulam them already.  Why ba they won’t sali on the first place?  It’s like parang short moment lang naman!  Then when it’s on the balita already, they’ll gonna be so ingget and make sisi other people for not telling them about the event.  They’re so labo talaga.

Earth Hour is so galing because 120 countries of the planet I believe are gonna make sali.  It’s parang having unity among nations talaga!  An hour of making hintay will make tipid na nga a lot of kuryente for the future generation to use and make laban the fight against climate change.

Ambot sa emo, yu know…

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