Summer Is Ending

Traveling from TriNoma to Gateway at 5:00 PM today to have a super late lunch, I witnessed the sign that splendid summer is nearly ending.  It rained!

Rain_1 Lukewarm baths straight from the tap will soon be over.  We will all be soon done with moments of sweating even without moving.  Umbrella will soon be part of the gears I pack when going to the office, gym or mall.  Time to pull out those knitted shirts and safe keep those speedo trunks and shorts.  Colognes are off, perfumes are on.

Part of my grocery list this weekend will be a big bottle of isopropyl alcohol that I will be spreading unto my lower extremities after dashing those would be flooded streets.  It’s the appropriate time to purchase batteries for my rickety flashlight to get ready with blackouts that usually follows after a storm or a heavy cloudburst.  It’s not before long when radio stations will play Apo’s "Pumapatak Na Naman Ang Ulan" and Eraserheads’ "Tuwing Umuulan At Kapiling Ka".  Enough on the grumbling and verbal altercations with cab drivers with busted air conditioning…

Days are counted when we will be watching and listening again to Korina Sanchez and Kuya Kim regarding the confusing conditions of the Inter Tropical Convergent Zone!

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