Word for the Day is CHURVA

Churva (tsur-vhah) is a Pinoy noun (or can be a verb) which means something that can’t be adequately expressed in words.  It is also a word that can be used in all aspects.  It is an utterance when a person can’t seem to find the right word out of being speechless, out of being maarte (speaking with affectations) or out of simply being stupid.  This word when conjugated would be: chinurva, chumurva, chuchurva, chuchurvahin.

Using this word has its advantages.  It can be an alternative expression to use instead of those bad words you don’t want to utter.  It can be fun using this word, adding more spice to friendly conversations.

At the same time it has its disadvantages.  When overused, it limits a person’s mental faculty and restricts the development of vocabulary.  Also, it can be a source of misunderstanding, the speaker may mean something else but the listener may conclude otherwise.

Just imagine our popular pinoy salawikain (proverbs) utilizing this word…

            Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa churva ang gawa

            Aanhin pa ang damo kung chinurva ang kabayo

            Kung ano ang itinanim iyon din ang chuchurvahin

            Ang chumurva ng matulin, kung matinik ay malalim

            May tenga ang lupa may churva ang balita

But do you know that Churva is a place in sardonic Russia?  It is a place situated in Ust-Tsilemskiy rayon, Republic of Komi in Russia.  It is also a ruined building or place of meeting for Jewish worship on the Old Holy City of Jerusalem.

Wala lang… churva lang…

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