Merry Christmas 2015

The Holiday Season is the chance to remember what matters most.  And for the many families around the world, the Holidays are the joyous time, a time to reunite.

But for families who are apart because their loved ones need to attend to work and serve other people (nurses, hotel staff, restaurant crews, police force, security guards, etc.), this time of the year is especially hard.  Christmas time also serves as a reminder that affected families too of these hardworking people have to sacrifice.  To all the men and women who needs to work and be on duty on this joyous time, thank you.

Please know that you have my highest respect and gratitude for sacrificing and be away from your families this Holiday Season.  To you and your families, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  May we all experience metric tons of peace and happiness this Christmas!

Merry xmas by the beach

Maligayang Pasko!

Blame Nengkoy, Thank Nengkoy

Based on genetics, half of the reason why I look so delicious is because of Nengkoy (my mother).  So if you hate the way I look, don’t blame me.  Blame my mother for giving me such a stunning set of RNA components and eye-catching DNA segments.

Though I am still a work in progress, I consider myself to be a mature, open-minded and caring human being.  But if you dislike me, don’t blame me.  Blame my mother because a big chunk of what I am today is the rearing that she gave me.

But if you like me (or at least don’t hate me that much), then let me thank my lovely mother.  Seriously, without Nengkoy, I’d probably be in some stinky gutter somewhere.

nengkoy 2015

nengkoy 2015

Thank you Nengkoy for being such a beautiful human being.  And thank you for always thinking about me even though it sometimes makes you go bonkers and so loony. Hahaha!

Hapi Maders Dey Nengkoy!

Christmas Greetings and Wishes 2014

merry christmas!!!

merry christmas!!!

Nengkoy and I would like to express – through the general parts of speech – our one of a kind 2014 Yuletide greetings and wishes to everyone!

Our wish is for you to possess your most wanted adjective, fulfill your most yearned verb, experience your dream adverb and express nothing but delightful interjections.   Nengkoy and I both hope that all these shall be in conjunction with the fulfillment of your dream to be with your most desired noun and pronoun in whatever preposition you may be this Christmas Season.

Merry Christmas!

Yeba! Maligayang Pasko sa ‘yo!

Fa lala lala lalalala!

me seated on santa's chair

me seated on santa’s chair

Fa lala lala lalala!

or is it

Fail lala lala lalalala!

You need not worry that on the night before Christmas there will be no big bearded fat  man who will jump in at your window, grab you and puts you in a red sack. Though I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas…  He refused!  He told me I have been so naughty this year.  Nevertheless…

Joyful holiday wishes and warm greetings to all of you!

Here’s a Christmas song/video of my favorite band this year…  I hope you rock the Christmas night away…

Maligayang Pasko…

Nengkoy Hates Delicious Pizza

I don’t want to expound but let me describe Nengkoy as a mother in one sentence.

 Nengkoy is the type of mother who would say she hates pizza if there are three people and only two mouthwatering palatable slices are available on the table.

I have been happily suffering from grandeur delusion believing that I have legions of devoted fans.  Getting nutty or not, one thing is for real, my biggest fan will always be my mother.  There are no ifs or buts about it.  And because of what I quoted above, the feeling of course is mutual.

Happy Mother’s Day Nengkoy!!!

Dahil maders dey, di kita aasarin ngayong araw…