Vietnamese Lafang

After having been to Vietnam, I was no longer surprised when I watched and learned that there is no Vietnamese representative/contestant in the first Asian edition of The Biggest Looser, a TV reality show featured in AXN channel.

Vietnam is vegetable-infested.  Almost all the meals we consumed during our stay in Vietnam contained huge amounts of vegetables.  It could be an ingredient in the main dish, the salad, the sidings or merely humungous beddings to stylize a dish presentation.  It was even served during breakfast!  It feels like eating a forest!  After mass consumption of Vietnamese dishes these greens would vine out of my nostrils.

During our 3-day stay in Vietnam, never did I saw a single soul with fat obese body.  The tour guide commissioned to bring us to the outskirts of Saigon (particularly in Cu Chi Viet Cong Camp and Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh) explained that this is because their food is mainly composed of products from the botanical kingdom.  He even informed us that there has yet to have a McDonalds chain in their country.

I adore Vietnam and I have nothing against those herbaceous plants, but I personally prefer eating slaughtered animals.  My taste buds prefer those zoological vein blocking fats and cholesterol.  One advantage though (as observed by Karengkeng) of eating these veggies during our Vietnam adventure was that our poop for those days were less stinky.

Bahay kubo… at sa paligid ligid ay puno ng bacon.

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