Feeling Lucky this Christmas

Neilpic3It is a season of Christmas parties.  So far I have attended 9 Christmas parties already.  It has been a tradition that Christmas revelries would have parlor games.  I can’t believe it! I won a beer drinking contest in one of the parties I attended.  Me, a very moderate alcohol drinker using a straw was able to sip one big glass of San Miguel beer beating all the other contestants.

In a separate gathering, me and my associate Beth won second place in a dance contest strutting to the tune of Madonna’s Music Inferno.  Flashing in an LCD projector the concert video of Madonna’s recent world tour concert, we amazed the spectators for we dance the same steps that Madonna did in the concert video.  It’s like watching the queen of pop do her grooves in the video and us live on the dance floor performing the same thing.

In a Christmas Lunch with my co-officers, I won a cell phone and a gift certificate worth one thousand pesos.

Also, in this season, I would receive plenty of gifts from close friends and associates.  So far I have received a box of cookies, a violet shirt, a yellow shirt, a brown shirt, a white shirt, a box of skin and body regimen formulas, a 2008 calendar, a bottle of perfume, a cassava cake, a fruit cake and (of course) a chocolate cake.

Merry Christmas everyone…

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