Nutty, Addicted & Bejeweled

Bejeweled Sunday night my brain melted.  I wasted more than 6 precious hours of my life in front of the computer playing Bejeweled 2, a Yahoo on-line game.  I dealt with triangular, square, circular and hexagonal shaped stones of various colors trying to align it so as to reach the next level.

I experienced various emotions while playing.  There were times I was happy for the luck that struck but there were more times I was mad due to the wrong placements and decisions I made.  I was so nutty that I would actually shout at my computer saying that its mother belongs to the oldest profession!

Every time the game would end for I no longer have any move option, I would always whisper to myself to play one last time.  By the time I decided to stop and close the computer, I was exhausted and was already suffering from catatonia.  My eye lids could no longer held up, my right hand was numb and my back was killing me.

During sleep, my neurotransmitters kept on shooting and my brain is still running with the remnants of the game.  My dream continued on, playing with the semi-precious stones… instead, I dreamt swallowing all those colored stones that come my way.

I would not recommend this game… daig pa yata ang shabu, nakaka-adik ang mga batong ‘yan!

1 thought on “Nutty, Addicted & Bejeweled

  1. mali naman ung title mo. ang dapat ME, MYSELF & I. solo ka na nga sa bahay mo eh daig mo pa ang may katropang kalaro. tama bang pati sa pagtulog eh nakikita mo cla. ano yan basilio …. crispin…… alam k namang kahit anong on line game eh adik ka… adik…..adik…..adik…. hehehehe


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