Best YouTube Video Reaction On This Year’s Ms. Universe Pageant

photo of the now "classic" 2010 ms. universe pageant reaction on youtube

photo of the now “classic” 2010 ms. universe pageant reaction on youtube

YouTube again is now flooded with clips that demonstrates Filipinos euphoric reaction while watching the Ms. Universe pageant.  Common in all these jubilant and ecstatic emotional bursts is especially evident when Ms. Philippines is announced as part of the cut of top 16, top 10 or top 5.

This serves to confirm that beauty pageants no matter what it brings to the country’s economic or cultural growth is a big deal in this part of the globe.  In the Philippines, Ms. Universe pageant can be equated as the Superbowl of America, the Mardi Gras of Brazil, the crowning of a monarch in Great Britain or the TV appearance of Kim Jong-un in North Korea.

People around the world would again wonder how come it takes some time before it is uploaded on YouTube.  The answer is simple, the Philippines has to slowest internet web loading in the planet.

These usually funny video clips loaded on YouTube is now a staple in the Philippines since the country’s representatives for the past 3 years has landed on the top 5 of the pageant.

janine tugonon & olivia culpo

janine tugonon & olivia culpo

But for this year’s version of video clips some were not the usual rapturous reaction but nevertheless remains hilarious.  This is especially true when on the final spot of the competition, the Filipina beauty whom everybody expected to win because of a grand performance during the night and supposedly sealing the crown on her head with a very intelligent answer was not announced the winner.

For me this year’s epic funny video comes from these two hopeful yet surprised earthlings (uploaded by Alma Gloriana) who evidently are not living in the Philippines (the Philippines have yet to have a winter season).  Look at how this two drop their jaws on a very simultaneous manner.  It’s an epic of a clip!

“Uhhhg!” Hahaha! Napa-NGA-NGA si Ate’t Kuya!

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