Thank You Lou & Greg

the oreo-cookie-look-alike mayan calendar

I would like to personally thank two people who were responsible for the calendar that the world is now using.  Aloysius Lilius, the Italian astronomer and physicist who invented the solar-cycle-based Gregorian calendar and Pope Gregory XIII who approved on this calendar that bears his name.

It’s been all around the news for the past months that according to the Mayan calendar, tomorrow will be the end of the world.  Can you just imagine what we are now doing in case the Mayan calendar is the one that proliferated around this planet and the one we earthlings are using?  Today must probably be nothing but chaos.

Thanks Lou and Greg.  Because of you two, I’m not packing my bags and ready to go to either Venus or Mars since the world will not end tomorrow.  Nevertheless, December 21, 2012 will be dubbed as the most widely-disseminated doomsday tale of human history.

Tuloy ang buhay. May pasok bukas!

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