Cool Tuguegarao Adventure 2016 Video

Worry.  That is my initial feeling when the plan to go to the province of Tuguegarao has finally been confirmed.  I was worried that my super hot body might assimilate with that of the hottest place in the Philippines.  I was worried for it might have an effect on mankind and the environment   I was worried that the integration of my mega hot body with that of the blistering climate of Tugegarao may cause the planet to explode!

my gosh... that is one hot dude! (in my dreams) hahaha!

my gosh… that is one hot dude! (in my dreams) hahaha!

But I was wrong because by the time I stepped on the tarmac at Tugegarao airport all I could feel was coolness.  I knew right away that this super hot spot in the Philippines would be one cool place to stay.  I was wrong because the only blazing hot was the weather everything else were sooo cool and refreshing.  The people, the food as well as the beautiful scenery were something to chill about!

To summarize my adventure with colleagues MJ, JB and Willie, here’s one refreshing video.  I hope that Ben Rector would equally be cool about my using his awesome song entitled Brand New (no copyright infringement was intended) in this video…

It was a blast!

Sa sobrang init, gusto ko nang mag dyaket!



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