Hey British Kids: Don’t Go to Syria, Go to Metro Manila

It is all over the news that 3 British teens tried to enter Syria for their alleged plan of joining the Islamic State (Isis) militants in Syria.  And according to news, prior to these 3 aspiring slaughterers there has been hundreds of young Britons lured, bewildered and mystified has gone to Syria.

These are my thoughts about it.  I guess these British kids don’t actually realize how privileged they are for being born and to be living in one of the wealthiest countries in the world.  They don’t realize how lucky they are and how easy it is for them to live a life.  These homo sapiens basically do not need to be worried about the basics of living a life because their government’s social services are much better if compared to the majority of the countries around the planet.  The basic physiological, security and self-esteem needs of living a life are essentially prearranged before their birth and are actually given to them even before they start breathing.

Instead of joining Isis, I recommend these kids to try living for a month (no a week) to some poverty-stricken area here in Metro Manila.  I suppose these kids don’t need to join a fatally flawed group of assassins to be able to realize what life is all about.  At least here in Metro Manila, they will experience the hell which they seem to aspire and look for but without the need or the requirement of killing another human being.

Here in Metro Manila, they will experience the hell of traffic, the hell of human congestion, the hell of all sorts of pollution, the hell of public service and servants, the hell of riding the metro, the hell of dealing with perverse taxi drivers and a lot lot more. But what is good in experiencing these hells is that they would not entail to kill anyone.  Given a month (no a week) here in Metro Manila, I suppose these kids would be able to realize how lucky and fortunate they are as human beings.

i heart gbBut in case these teens would really opt to join Isis and go to Syria, may I further suggest two things.  First, these kids when they leave for Syria should be deprived of their British citizenship and should not have the option of returning due to threats in security.  Second, the consulate of the United Kingdom here in Metro Manila should award the stripped citizenship of these would-be bandits to those human beings here in Metro Manila who  aspire and dreams to live a peaceful and privileged life in UK.  I for one would be the first in line when applying.  I would love to live a colorful life in UK and have the opportunity to experience what a civilized, cultured and privileged Briton life would be.

Sige palit tayo.  Dito kayo, dyan ako. Mga bobong bata ‘to!

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