World War Z and the Philippine Zombie

pile of zombies going up the israeli wall in the movie World War Z

pile of zombies going up the israeli wall in the movie World War Z

Zombies are not counted in traditional Filipino mythical world as well as folklores of the ghoulish variant.  There is actually no Filipino-Tagalog translation for a Zombie.  And to further prove this point, the old Filipino letters actually does not have a letter Z in it.  Thus, zombies are non-existent in the Philippines and that it is a product of a western mind.

With this underpinning thought, I am confident that in the zombie-movie World War Z, the bug did not originate from the Philippines.  But the movie made me anxious and curious if zombies would be able to reach the Philippines.  Like Japan and Indonesia, the Philippines is an archipelago.  Thus, to reach and cross its borders you can only enter either via air or water never by land.

I am not a fan of zombie-genre-movies but World War Z ranks right up in my list in terms of making me stunned and jolt right on my seat.  Though the movie was intensely entertaining, it is regrettable that it did not illustrate if the Philippines was infected or was in the clear.  But with the depiction that the infection will alter a person’s appearance and behavior in just 12 seconds, I presupposed that the Philippines was indeed spared.  Why? A zombie characterized to have poor dexterity can’t fly an airplane or sail a boat.  And with an extreme aggressiveness and severe hunger for human flesh all passengers of an airplane or a ship would easily be infected before its engine can even start.

When Brad Pitt decided to go to Israel being one of the countries that have kept the zombies at bay because of their construction of a wall, I was shouting “Go to the Philippines!!!  You will be safe here!!!” inside the cinema hoping he would hear me.  And when the zombies were able to go over the wall of Israel and infected its citizens depicted in a visually astonishing style, I was again shouting inside the movie house “I told you Brad!!!  I told you!!!”

a usual occurrence in zombie-filled manila

a usual occurrence in zombie-filled manila

Maybe the reason why there is no zombie here is because we Pinoys already have so much to deal with.  Like having the same equation in different dimension, the zombies of the Philippines are in the form of car thefts, kidnappers, pickpockets, armed robbers and atrocious taxi drivers.  These are the on-going catastrophe of Philippine society.

I no doubt enjoyed the compelling World War Z movie and I just hope, similar to what Brad Pitt and those scientist/doctors did in the movie, we finally discover a cure or antidote that would put an end to the pandemic Philippine zombies.

Maging mabuti. Hwag maging sombi.

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