Adoring Japan / Envying Thailand / Questioning Philippines

A lot of my friends as well as those who follow my blog know that I love Japan.  I adore their food, their weather and the strong and powerful yet charming-to-the ear language.  People know that I admire their culture, their technology, their fashion and their being so organized.  I have high regard to the people of Japan.  They are just so nice and gracious.

i even fancy japan's vendo machines. hahaha

i even fancy japan’s vendo machines. LOL!!!

fashion ba kamo? love my doc martens!!!

along dotonbori… fashion ba kamo? love my doc martens!!!

Too bad I can’t just go there and spend a nice vacation every time I feel like going there.  Being a Pinoy citizen, I am required to process and undergo those tiresome procedures of applying for a visit visa.  Being a Filipino citizen, I am not allowed to simply go there and enjoy the awesome weather.  The Philippines is not one of those rich auspicious countries with visa exemption arrangements with Japan.

Well I guess, some people are fortunate enough to be born into the right nationality while others have to find their own way.  Don’t get me wrong here. I love the Philippines because if I don’t I could have hopped on a plane, gone the hell out and never return.  Or if I can’t have that access, I could have packed my bags, join a secluded monastery and never go out.

I am articulating on this because the recent news made me so envious with the Thais.  According to news, the Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that effective July 1, 2013 Japan will give Thai nationals with visa exemptions that would be good for up to 15 days.

amazing thailand... i can feel that i will soon be visiting this country again...

amazing thailand… i can feel that i will soon be visiting this country again…

With this news, Thailand obviously beat and thumped the Philippines big time!  While Thais can go and visit Japan with much ease, us Pinoys will have to settle with the wearisome and mind-numbing processing of visa applications.

I just hope and pray that Japan will grant the same to the Filipinos.  But I guess Japan has their reasons.  And such reasons are actually in the hands of the Pinoys themselves.  Is it the Pinoy culture, the Pinoy urbanity, or the Pinoy civility?  While I endlessly adore Japan and start being jealous of Thailand, I guess only us Pinoys can answer this question.

Pagka-sabmit ng rekwayrments diretcho novena para humiling na bigyan ng visa. Bakit Lord?! Bakit???

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