Mixed Feelings For The Inevitable Fashion Expansions

When Cotton On of Australia and Uniqlo of Japan almost simultaneously opened their respective first branches here in the Philippines, I had mixed feelings.

I was happy that these very affordable clothing lines will now easily be accessible.  And I do not have to go out of the country or ask favor from friends whom I learned will be vacationing abroad to grab me a piece or two of these clothing brands.

leather jacket from bershka

leather jacket from bershka

But at the same time learning that these retail stores are now in the Philippines, I can’t get over the thought of everybody will now be wearing what I was once uniquely wearing in the past.  Yeah, call me madamot (translation: selfish douchebag) but in the past when only few Pinoys were wearing these brands, it made me feel a bit privileged in the unique yet obtuse sense of it.

That is why when I went to Osaka Japan last spring, the majority of my fashion-acquisition ventures were from clothing stores that are not yet selling and retailing in the Philippines.  I had Bershka, GU and H&M.

bershka in glorietta

bershka in glorietta

However, mixed feelings came over me again when I learned that Bershka of Spain is now here in the Philippines.  I guess, Philippines truly is one massive market that must be tapped by these trendy global retail clothing stores to grow and expand.  It’s the inevitable.  This is even precluding the fact that Pinoys are starting to become trendy, hip and stylish.

Thus, to show my appreciation that Bershka is now in the new Glorietta in Ayala Center Makati, this is where I had my last week’s retail therapy.  Though Bershka is a bit too young for me, I was nevertheless happy with my loot.

Madamot na kung madamot!

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