Ate Gay: From Basilica to SM Arena

super funny ate gay
super funny ate gay

The first comedy bar that I have been to was more than 2 decades ago.  It was in (the now defunct) Basilica, an old house turned into a comedy bar located in Malate.  I can clearly recall that one of the night’s hosts during that time was Ate Gay who was wearing Darna costume introducing herself as the Nora Aunor’s version of Darna (though Nora never was a Darna character).

Ate Gay (Gil Morales in real life) was a total riot during that night.  He sings, acts and speaks sounding truly like Nora Aunor. He sang Laura Branigan’s upbeat “Name Game” song in a slow ballad-ic way ala Nora Aunor style. I and my friends so enjoyed that night, it paved the way for us to often visit comedy bars which starts to flourish within the Malate area during that era.

ate gay on mid air
ate gay on mid air

But last night, after more than 2 decades, Ate Gay has moved to a much bigger venue.  I guess ten thousand times bigger than Basilica.  He packed the humongous SM Arena!  And as anticipated, Ate Gay’s repertoires continue to be riotously hilarious.  The gut-busting short film at the start of the show and when she entered the stage harnessed across the end of the venue, I knew the concert would be a blast.

ate gay doing mash-ups with his friends
ate gay doing mash-ups with his friends

His adorable Darna monologue is still there and it remains exceptionally humorous.  His skill at mixing up various tunes and lyrics received hysterical uproars from the audience.  He is one great genius on extemporaneous mash-ups.  His incomparable declamation entitled “The Door” was also featured which when delivered by others would for sure not be as funny as that of Ate Gay.  Of course, his camp impersonation of Philippine showbiz icon, Nora Aunor, has always been a side-splitting classic.

What I like most about Ate Gay is that he does not need to mock and deride other people to make people laugh.  He actually ridicules himself (his wardrobe, his looks, his voice, his English and even his mole) to elicit laughter from the audience.  He is unassuming, self-effacing and was never “boastful”.  Being able to laugh at one self without conceit and pretensions makes Ate Gay an excellent comedian.

Grabe ang sakit sa panga sa katatawa!

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