Glittering Gold Coast

A person’s social standing and size of wallet can easily be categorized based on the location of his room accommodation along the four-kilometer stretch of White Beach in Boracay Island, the foremost tourist destination in the Philippines.  It is an open secret that people staying at opulent Station 1 of the island belongs to the well-heeled spectrum of society.  Those staying at intermediary Station 2 are classified as people with middle-of-the-road riches while at Station 3 are those with slender means who went to the island bringing loads of cheap instant noodles.

This is totally different from what I’ve seen and observed during my stay in Gold Coast, Queensland. Australia’s one of the foremost tourist destinations.  Upon my arrival in the area, the first thing that entered my mind was that I was like in Station 1 of Boracay in a gargantuan metropolitan proportion.  The picturesque backdrops were spectacular, the high rise buildings and infrastructures were stunning and the greens were meticulously trimmed.

The more-than-thirty kilometers of holiday resorts and white sand surfing beaches are all Station 1 if to match it with Boracay.  This is not because all its inhabitants are filthy rich but because the place with like-minded people will truly impress any tourist may he be camping in a hinterland park caravan or staying in a beachfront luxury hotel.



Iwas lucky enough to stay in a service apartment in Surfers Paradise, the center of tourist activities in Gold Coast.  The city is so beautiful I was not able to take a short break from drooling.

The level of my amazement on Gold Coast even went colossal when Jesse, one of my Pinoy-Aussie friends, joined me later in the week to show me magnificent places that I never knew existed in this planet – the Main Beach area, the cosmopolitan streets of Broadbeach, the grandiose Palazzo Versace, the Pacific Fair and Oasis commercial centers, the Mariner’s Cove Marina and the long manicured stretch of esplanade from Manly Beach to Surfers Paradise to name a few.

Ibang lebel ang Gold Kowst! Maka-ipon nga ng limpak-limpak ng maka-balik.

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