Giordano as we all know is a Hong Kong giant retailer of men’s, women’s and kids’ apparel.  Their store is literally everywhere.  But when in Hong Kong, aside from the usual key chains and ref magnets that a typical tourist buys, a trip to a Giordano store is inevitable.

But with my recent trip to Melbourne I found a different Giordano.  Surprisingly, it is not a clothes store located along the sassy streets of Australia’s fashion capital but it was right inside the National Gallery of Victoria.  (Since Melbourne is considered the “cultural capital of Australia” let me be culturally-inclined in this particular writing)

I found a painting that enormously roused the synaptic vessels of my brain.  Executions of the visual elements as well as the symbols for each character portrayed in the painting were just overwhelming.  A great deal of metaphoric stories – may it be compassionate or evil – can be depicted and interpreted from this cunning work of art. It precisely fits its title “Allegory” a genius oil in canvass painting of Italian painter Luca Giordano.

Wow, ang sosyal ko na! Ching!!!

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