Alienating Senator with Alienated Bill

While surfing the internet, I happen to chance upon the website of the 15th Congress of the Senate of the Philippines.  While surfing the Senate’s website, I stumbled onto one of the most bizarre bills ever filed!  It is so debauched I got so stunned and astounded.

Senate bill 2639 authored by the ever ‘brilliant’ Senator Lito Lapid was filed just last Tuesday, January 18, 2011.  The bill seeks to require all signs, signboards or billboards written in foreign language other than English and Filipino to bear corresponding English or Filipino translation.

As its “dazzling” basis, foreign languages alienate the Filipinos in their own country.  He further explains in his bill that, “it is incumbent upon the State to instill and maintain a sense of nationalism among dwellers living within its jurisdiction, whether they are Filipinos or migrants.   We, as Filipinos, should never be subjected to the alienation and seclusion that we are experiencing due to this phenomenon.”

Let me tickle your fancy and fantasy in case this bizarre bill is passed into a law.  Here are some possible translations of popular restaurant establishments in the metro:

  • Je Suis Gourmand (French restaurant in Bonifacio Global City) =Ako Ay Gutom Restawran
  • Le Souffle (French Restaurant in Bagtikan, San Antonio Makati) = Ang Binate at Hinornong Puti ng Itlog Restawran
  • Omakase (Japanese Restaurant in Libis) = Bahala Ka Sa Buhay Mo Kainan
  • Taj (Indian Restaurant in Tagaytay) = Saplot sa Ulo na Hugis Apa Restawran
  • Bellini’s (Italian Restaurant in Cubao) = Restawran ni Manong Belini

Worse would be the restaurants that bear Korean characters now breeding the vicinities of Malate and Ermita.  And can you just imagine the changes needed to me made in the confusing yet eye-catching Chinese calligraphy characters on the signboards found in the streets of Binondo and Ongpin?

Now, in the event this dim-witted bill is passed as an official decree, there are two questions I would like to ask:  “Who then is alienating?” and, “Who now is alienated?”

Itong si Lapid di naman komedyante, nagbibiro. Sats a weyst of speys!

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