Bird Crap

bird poop

I’ve been living in the concrete jungle of Metro Manila for the past four decades and never in my life that I have encountered such destiny of being pooped-on by a flying bird.  I only stayed for four short days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but it was the first time ever that a bird’s poop landed on my body.

One most likely explanation is because there are more birds in Malaysia as compared to Metro Manila.  This is because birds in the wild in Metro Manila usually end up either as an adobo (Filipino-style stew) on the dining table of ordinary Pinoy household or hepatitis-inclined inihaw (grilled) for sale by street hawkers.

There is a foolish irrational belief that a person getting crapped on by a bird will result to good luck.  My two cents on this is maybe because there is a very small statistics of mortals being pooped-on by these feathered creatures similar to the statistics of individuals winning the lottery.  Or maybe this horrible circumstance that is hypothesized to lead to impending godsend providence could be correlated to life’s general law of balance, harmony and equilibrium.  That one cannot have successes without failures or gains without hardships.

Now on my part, I am just but excited on what lies ahead…

Magpapasalamat akong tiyak sa tatcheng yon!

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