A Purple Shaded Week

Everybody create their own private challenges may it be a completion of a 5-day miracle diet, a tour around the word in 80 days, a 9-day St. Jude novena prayer or 7–day detoxification program.  Some succeed, others do not.  And oftentimes, these challenges (which some consider as a personal devotion or self-sacrifice) are aimed at achieving something in the end.  It could be a sexier and leaner body, a silky smoother skin or a fulfillment of an impossible wish.

Prior to the start of this present week, I crafted my own personal challenge but without any particular aim in the end.  I decided to wear clothes in shades of purple for 7 consecutive days.  Purple is not my most favorite color but I believe in the statement once uttered by Coco Channel, i.e. ““The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you”.

And as a witness, I secretly told one of my colleagues in my office (Executive Sous Chef Onille Pitogo).  Yes, from Monday ‘till Sunday, I decided to wear clothing with a shade of either: mauve, lilac, violet, lavender or aubergine.  And since it is already a Saturday, I am most likely to succeed. Here’s my proof (of purchase)

Walang basagan ng trip.  Parang gusto ko ng tortang talong at ube halaya mamayang hapunan…










saturday (this is what i'm only wearing while writing this post)
sunday (this is what i will wear tomorrow)

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