Bababa ba?

Filipino language particularly Tagalog is considered unique.  This is the only language that I know of in which two persons can converse using only two letters in the alphabet in multiple syllables.  Here are some wicked samples that I was able squeeze out from my crazy brain…

A dialogue between a doctor and a patient on impending growth of pus from an infected wound…

Patient:  Nanana?

Doctor:  Nanana. Nanana.

A conversation between a mother and a nanny about a baby in the verge of defecating…

Mother: Pupupu?

Nanny:    Pupupu! Pupupu!

A chat between a doctor and a relative of a sick patient …

Patient’s Relative:  Lalala?

Doctor:  Lalala. Lalala.

A banter between a jeepney driver and his passengers…

Driver:  Bababa ba?

Passenger:  Bababa! Bababa!

Kakaiba di ba? Ameysing!

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