A typical Pinoy in Singapore

GEDC0017I just spent the long weekend in Singapore.  While I was in this southern tip of the Malay Peninsula…

  • I patiently wait for the Green Man to flash and appear across the street before I cross it.  Even if I’m so tempted to pass over a narrow street since no motor vehicle is passing, I dare not to because everybody are so disciplined in conscientiously waiting for the Green Man to beam and appear before crossing.
  • I go to designated outdoor areas to smoke my cigarette.  Even if I’m starting to feel cold turkey, I still made sure to manage to add more than a few steps just to be in the right designated smoking area for my usual nicotine dose.
  • I dump my trash and properly place it inside a designated trash bins.  Its not hard finding these receptacles in the Citystate so there is no hassle of carrying for long the junks and garbage you want to throw away.
  • I buckle the straps of the seatbelt even if I am seated at the backseat of the taxi car.
  • I courteously dump the plastic cups, paper wraps and left overs placed on my tray after having a meal in a fastfood joint.

Now that my delicious body is back and my molecules have returned in the Philippines…

  • I cross the street anytime to my liking may it be the Green Man, the Red Man, the Blue or Violet Man that would flash and flicker across the street.  Pinoy folks simply would not mind what color of the man glinting across the street.  We just cross.
  • I smoke anywhere since the Philippines is one big smoking area.  I have no reason to turn cold turkey anymore.
  • I throw my trash anywhere since the Philippines is one big dump receptacle. You will actually have a hard time finding a decent trash bin placed in public.  And if you find one it either stinks or it is full to the rim.
  • Even if I want to put my seatbelt on while inside a running cab, I simply cannot because seatbelts in Philippine taxis are either not available or are simply not working, busted or wornout.
  • I guilelessly leave a fastfood restaurant after having a meal.  There are an abundance of service crews working all at the same time in Philippine fastfood outlets.  If I would bring my tray full of junk and left overs to the trash receptacle after eating and before leaving the joint, what then would these service attendants do?  I once had the initiative to dumped my trash and leftovers to the designated garbage bin and what I received was a big laugh from other diners inside the fastfood outlet.

Go Pilipins! Ngek!

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