Loathing WowwoWillie

willie_revillameNever in my life did I finish watching an episode (from beginning ’till end) of the Pinoy noontime TV show entitled Wowwowee.  This is simply because of Willie Revillame, the host of the show.  For no apparent reason, I personally don’t like the host.  I have been trying to scrutinize my deepest thoughts – from my forebrain down to my medulla oblongata  – why I don’t like this person but no plausible rationale would come out.  My hating him is one imperceptible shrouded idea.  No reason, no grounds, no justification.  I just don’t like him.

After knowing the news that Revillame came out so arrogant on national TV demanding to stop the airing of the live-feed TV insert coverage of the cortege of the former president Cory Aquino’s remains (being simultaneously shown on screen along with his noontime show), I checked on YouTube if the demonstrated lordly behavior and exaggerated self-opinion was true.  Only then did I realize that all the while my unexplained atrocious feelings towards Revillame was sooo correct.

That is why when I stumbled upon the website written and created by Roel C. Saguisag about the “Petition to Oust Willie Revillame” – an online appeal addressed to the TV network of Revillame’s show – I did not hesitate to sign in.  As a result, I am petitioner number 39751.  As of this writing, there are Forty Eight Thousand One Hundred Eighty Two angry and disappointed souls who already signed in the said petition.  And still counting!

Dalawang hinlalaking pababa para sayo Willie! Yabang mo kasi.

2 thoughts on “Loathing WowwoWillie

  • I have disliked the person myself since he became a celebrity years back. Perhaps I could see through him and see the disconnection between the real Willie and the projected image to the public eye.


    • willie’s bullying on live tv is back. last may 4 he demanded that a journalist who critizes him should not be allowed inside the studio where he is holding his daily show. yabang talaga! hmpft!


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