Sharpness of James Blunt

Jamesblunt A couple of nights ago I was able to watch James Blunt sang live in two US TV shows.  He sang ‘Beautiful’ at Late Night With Conan O’Brien show and ‘Goodbye My Lover’ in Oprah.  James Blunt is one of the hottest singers now in UK.  He is popular not because of his looks (he looks like a geeky Hobbit actually) but because of his moving songs and extraordinary voice.

One thing I noticed in both numbers.  James Blunt was truly the opposite of his surname.  He was truly sharp.  Sharp in the sense of conveying the words that he wants to say in his song.  Also, in both live performances he delivered it with bursting emotion.  He doesn’t seem to sing for the mere singing or for merely promoting his fantastic album.  He seem to be so engulfed with the emotion and meaning of the song.  Especially the Oprah episode, I noticed that he had gone teary eyed upon the end of his song.  He was blurting out the phrase "I’m so hollow".  Gosh that was simply enchanting!  He really feels and internalize that he was able to get across the full emotion to the listeners.

Jamesblut5 In his first debut album ‘Back to Bedlam’ my personal favorite is ‘Goodbye My Lover’.  In a number of interviews, James Blunt always says that this song is the cut that he is most proud of.  Did you know that this song was recorded inside the bathroom of Mr. Blunt’s landlady in Los Angeles?  It is a bit rare to know that a piano exists inside a bathroom.  Or maybe this is one of those foolish make-up stories to hype up the album.  Well, it doesn’t need one actually because the words and melody of the song is so brilliant.

People say James Blunt nowadays is a pain in the ass to deal with, he is bratty and doesn’t fix him self up.  All I can say about that is, "the hell I care!"  I am not a fan but he moved me with his songs.  Very few singers can do that.

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