Window Seat, Scenic Flight, Happy Me

With the pretty numerous travels I had, domestic and abroad wise, I developed the preference of being seated at an aisle seat.  I am no longer the kiddo who prefers to be assigned at a window seat and stick my nose on the glass window every time the plane has to take-off or land at its destination.

My reason for particularly preferring the aisle seat is because I hate excusing myself from other seated passengers when I need to stand and proceed either to the pantry or the toilet of the airplane.  Seating on the aisle seat also gives me the pleasant feeling of being seated at a much bigger space! I can even extend my “long-legged” legs towards the aisle especially during the hours when lights are off and almost all passengers are in deep sleep.

But in my recent trip to Queenstown New Zealand, I was left with no choice but to rest my skinny butt at the window side of an airplane.  It is because the airplane that I, Joesel, Karen and Denton took was a small cessna plane that goes around the Queenstown region.  It is so small it does not have an aisle and only fits us and the pilot.

happy inside the hangar

happy inside the hangar

the gang! (banggang)

the gang! (banggang)

pilot alex assisting denton on his seat...

pilot alex assisting denton on his seat…

selfie muna

selfie muna



I consider my sitting at the window side for this specific flight as the most stunning flight I have ever had so far.  It’s a stunning 30-minutes flight that features the beauty of the whole of Queenstownship, the grandeur of the Gibson Valley region, the quaintness of Arrowtown, the intricacy of the Shotover Canyon, the serene Wakatipu Lake and the majesty of the Remarkables mountain ranges.

This scenic flight gave me goosebumps! I never expected that I would be so blessed to breathe, smell and see for myself up in the sky the magnificent beauty of Queenstown, New Zealand!  Only a crazy stupid soul will complain of being seated at the window side when the dazzling view out in the open would be an astonishing beauty such as this.

Sobra sobra! Owber sa ganda!

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