Awesome KJet was not in My Bucket

Bucket lists allows people to hammer our their thoughts, determine their hearts desires and resolve what the bones would want to feel.  It is a unique and distinct reminded of what sort of awesome things we want to accomplish, what terrain our feet desires to step on or what our eyes would want to see.

One of the items in my long and complicated bucket list is to see, feel and breathe New Zealand.  Which recently, with the blessings from the holy heavens, I have accomplished.  I could not ask for more when my feet walked the streets of Queenstown, breath the freshest air of Glenorchy and chomp on the luscious dishes of Arrowtown.

And throughout the visits in these lovely towns of New Zealand, I did not expect that I would be engaged in one awesome circumstance!  My visit, my plans and my list of things to do in NZ did not include my riding the KJet.  And I’m glad I did!  KJet is an exhilarating 1-hout jet boat ide on the deep crystal blue waters of Lake Wakatipu, the turquoise-colored waters of Kawaru Rivert and the shallow channels of Shotover River.

adrenaline rush

adrenaline rush

unforgettable ride...

unforgettable ride…

My riding the KJet has been one of the many awesome highlights of my visit to New Zealand.  The fast adrenaline rush was just spectacular!  Me and my friends particularly loved it when the expert driver would like throw the boat around and would do a 360 degree spin!  Add to this exhilarating ride are the stunning views of the remarkable snow-capped mountain ranges of New Zealand! The gorgeous view heightens further the already spectacular ride!

kjet groupie

kjet groupie



Here’s how fast and thrilling the jet boat ride is…

KJet was not in my bucket list, but this awesome thrilling ride will definitely be remembered…

Grabe! Ambilis-bilis! Angganda-ganda!

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