Diwata Made Me Smile

Last night, to ease down my post holiday blues, which I think was caused by an awe-inspiring trip to Israel, I opted to switch on my Spotify and searched for a Filipino-Tagalog song.  I supposed a local-flavored tune would in some way ease my sudden drop of mind-set from a consistently exhilarating euphoria during my trip to significantly low levels of despondency upon my return.

While trying to search for some upbeat happy Tagalog tune which would hopefully try to bring me back to my senses, I happen to bump into a very charming and engaging song.  The song is entitled Diwata sung by Chito Miranda (lead singer of Parokya Ni Edgar band) and sizeable portions of the song was rapped by Abra. diwata by abra

I don’t remember when the last time I wrote or reviewed a Tagalog song.  But Diwata (English translation: Fairy) is totally something fresh and easy to the ear.  The message is not too sweet neither too tragic.   The lyrics may be profound and arduous yet the tune and jingle is adoringly unfussy and uncomplicated.

Diwata did not only make me smile.  It actually made me want to listen to it again and write about it!

Saang ilalim ba ng bato ako napatira at ngayon ko lang narinig anf kantang ‘to?

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