Ditumabo Falls After The Rain

Mountain trekkers know that waterfalls are at their scenic best when there has been rainfall.  That is absolutely what I saw and experienced in Aurora Province on the day I conquered the exhilarating green forest of barrio San Luis which nestles the beautiful Ditumabo Falls.

my first waterfall trek
my first waterfall trek
pahinga muna
pahinga muna

The first gait I made to accomplish this adventure, I simply let my cares drop like fallen trees.  I did not expect anything to gain with this specific venture.  I was merely trying to endure what needs to be endured during the whole time I was walking up the mountain.  Nevertheless, while pacing my initial strides, I was already feeling the freshness of the air kissing my cheeks, similar to how the cool streams of water kiss the thirsty lips of earth.

love handles galore! hahaha!
love handles galore! hahaha!
the authentic "cool waters"
the authentic “cool waters”

But as I further my trekking, I eventually felt the flowing of nature’s peace inside my being just like how sunshine flows into the leaves and branches of a tree. And as I further went up the trail, I was feeling the fresh energy of the whole forest.  I felt no pain, I felt no fatigue.  It was sheer delight and pleasantness.


And when we reached our destination, the sight of the dream-like forest mist, the look of the inviting jade-colored pool and the magnificent appearance of the robust stream of the waterfall, resulted to a total feeling of intense joy and happiness!

Ditumabo Falls after the rain is indeed magical!

Wan wid da neychur ang peg…


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