Les Miserables, The Musical: A Goosebumps Overload Experience

The main purpose of my visiting New York is to see at least one musical Broadway show.  I told myself that as soon as I have seen one, the rest of my New York adventure would utterly be but awesome add-ons.  Ever since the time I have been aware about the existence of Broadway musicals, I have always set into the deepest travails of my mind that someday I would be blessed and be able to watch one.

This mindset actually came true last March 29, 2015.  That day, I did not settled for less popular musicals but instead went on to watch the world’s most epic, Les Miserables.  I actually got chills when I was handed my ticket at the box office.

broadway here i come...
broadway here i come…
outside the theater...
outside the theater…

I am so glad to have chosen Les Miserables as my first Broadway musical experience.  What I know is that this epic tale has started to be considered a “classic” of modern musical theater.  It is a beautiful story about compassion and forgiveness all set against the backdrop of the French Revolution.

got my playbill and the ticket...
got my playbill and the ticket…

And when the show started my goosebumps were exploding.  It was so profuse and persistent, I thought my goosebumps already grew goosebumps of its own.  I was a bit nervous because I thought my fingernails were even growing it.  And every time a highlight song has been sang, my goosebumps would cheer with bellowing sounds and clap along with me.

My happiness was further intensified when I noticed it is the magnificent Ramin Karimloo is the one who was acting/singing the role of Jean Valjean.

got a good seat...
got a good seat…

When the show’s finale song was sung and Jean Valjean, Fantine and Eponine sang the lyrics “to love another person is to see the face of God!”, I was sobbing.  I was crying because of such a sad sad story (imagine almost all of the main characters died).  And during curtain call while the audience were on a standing ovation,  I was still crying for joy because I was given the exceptional opportunity to see such a spectacular show.

And when I stepped out of the theater, I can hear my goosebumps were shouting at me saying “Thank you! Thank you!”

Mabaliw baliw kaya ako sa loob ng teyatro!

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