Nengkoy and the Shoe World

nengkoy's super comfy nike

nengkoy’s super comfy nike

It’s been more than a year that I have been searching and researching for an appropriate geriatric shoes that would be most appropriate for Nengkoy, comfort wise and fashion wise.  But the search has been very unsuccessful.  It is because there are very limited sources and style that the senior populace can choose from.

But last week, this intention has finally been concluded.  Not because I found the right geriatric shoes for Nengkoy but because I purchased her the trendiest, most expensive and most comfortable shoes Nengkoy has ever had.

To test its ease, comfort and snugness we let Nengkoy wore the shoes right away upon purchase.  The result? It was indeed comfortable since she never complained and was able to tour by walking the whole SM Mall of Asia (one of the biggest malls in Asia).

Talking about SM Mall of Asia, while I was paying for the shoes, it dawned in me that Nengkoy can actually be considered one of the key elements and components in the initial success of taipan Henry Sy, the owner of the SM malls.

sm logo (has the same font of shoeworld)

sm logo (has the same font of shoeworld)

This is through the initial store of Mr. Sy located along Carriedo and Rizal Avenue called ShoeWorld.  Wikipedia does not acknowledge nor name the first shoe store of Sy in Carriedo/Rizal Avenue.  I suppose ShoeWorld was the store.  The only basis I know and clearly remember is that it’s located in Carriedo and the ShoeWorld’s logo font or lettering is the same as that of the present SM formerly known as ShoeMart. Imagine ShoeMart logo in which the M in inverted as W and the letterings are in the same navy blue shade with white strip in the middle.

I can still clearly remember the classy shoe store especially the red carpet of the stairs that leads the customers to its second and third floor. I can also still remember the hole on the ceiling in which ordered shoes based on size, model and colour as desired by prospective buyers would plunge down as dropped by people mysteriously inside the ceiling.

shoeworld circa late 70's (left building). the only photo of shoeworld available on the net

shoeworld circa early 80’s (left building) before the advent of lrt trains. the only photo of shoeworld available on the net

As I recall, Nengkoy was some sort of like an accredited sales agent for ShoeWorld.  Before the advent of gift certificates, credit cards and even the now popular Sodexho certificates, Nengkoy in the early 70’s here in the Philippines was already into this type of system.

She would be issued by the store manager with bundles of ShoeWorld business cards.  These are the same cards that Nengkoy would sign at the back and issues to her client.  The business card would serve as a voucher that buyers (sent by Nengkoy) can present in the store to purchase their desired shoes.  Buyers with the business cards with my mother’s signature at the back need not pay anything when they get to ShoeWorld.  Instead, would have to surrender the card to the cashier as their initial form of payment.  These clients would then pay Nengkoy the corresponding amount in trickles or instalment basis.  Nengkoy in return will have to remit her collections and would in turn get some sales commission.

This simple yet ingenious system, I believe, in some way led to the success of Mr. Sy’s business.  Thus, if indeed ShoeWorld was the first SM store, therefore, if I were Henry Sy I would definitely buy Nengkoy the most comfortable shoes ever created!

Though I am no taipan like Henry Sy, I would of course not settle for my mother to feel those foot aches and leg twinges.  Thus, I bought her the most comfortable shoes I could find.

Bongga di ba?

1 thought on “Nengkoy and the Shoe World

  1. Nice to know that someone is still familiar with “shoeworld”. The store was owned and operated by my Godmothers family (nope not the Sy’s) Spent many years dining and shopping in that store. Always been amused when my Ninang would tell me to go get what you want. Miss those days.

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